Located just 1/3 of a mile from the Vineyard Inn on Fremont Drive/Hwy 12 is LaVilleta de Sonoma. This home and garden shop features a bonanza of unique Pottery, Wrought Iron, Cast Metals, Marble and Granite Statuary and Fountains along with one of a kind interior imports from around the world.



Located just 1/2 of a mile from the Vineyard Inn on Arnold Drive is Cornerstone Festival of Gardens showcasing some of the world's foremost landscape designers. Located just 1/4 of a mile (on Arnold Drive) from the Vineyard Inn is Art in Metal. Sculptor Hossain Amjadi says Art Forms objective is to create artistic, and esthetic sculpture elements into the environment. Although we provide a wide selection of sculpture, we also enjoy integrating the client's ideas, incorporating all aspects of design and artistic sculptural elements in architecture, landscape and interiors

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23000 Arnold Dr., Sonoma CA

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