Just 5-minutes away from the Vineyard Inn is Infineon Raceway which holds major racing events throughout the year including NASCAR Winston Cup Series, NHRA, Le Mans, Indy Races, Grand Prix, and Motorcycling sporting events.  Check their website for racing schedules.



For the Golf enthusiast, there are a number of excellent golf courses within a 30-minute drive. Oakmont Golf Club - are two Ted Robinson designed 18-hole courses.  Located in Napa is the Chardonnay Club (707-257-1900) featuring 27 holes of championship golf.

Sonoma National Golf Course


Specializing in the Importation and Sales of Exquisite Friesian Horses At Black Sterling Friesians, they carefully select and import Friesians for sale that are outstanding pleasure/trail/family Friesian horses and are appropriate for novice riders. Offering exceptional Dressage and Saddleseat Friesians. All of their Friesians are trained to ride and drive and are excellent companions on the trails, and many are top contenders in the show ring.



The Schellville Airport is just around the corner from the Vineyard Inn where you can enjoy a flight aboard a WWII Spitfire and other vintage aircraft. (707) 938-2444


The art of fly fishing can offer the greatest rewards imaginable in the outdoors; natural beauty, graceful movement, and focus of intention.  At Leland Fly Fishing Schools, they refine and tailor their instruction to the individual needs of their students, whether beginner, intermediate or expert. Com join them in the life long adventure of Fly Fishing. www.flyfishingoutfitters.com/p/p.aspx?mlid=4

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